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W510 NTK24IV


Lenovo Manufacturer
Model W510
4319-24G machine model
Core 2 Duo i7-720QM Quad core 1.60GHz 6MB L3 45W CPU
Quad core 1.60GHz speed
2GB capacity
2GB (1066MHz, DDR3) memory speed
A free memory slots
2 memory slots available
Maximum memory capacity 8GB
General Data
UltraNav (TrackPoint and TouchPad) pointing devices
320GB disk size
FDE 7200 rpm disk speed
DVD Recordable (Dual Layer) 24X Max DVD Multi Burner
15.6 HD + type
15.6 "size
1600x900 resolution
YES Camera
Yes 3G modem
Integrated Intel 82567LM Gigabit Network Adapter network card
Intel WiFi Link 5300 AGN (3x3) + WWAN Enabled Wireless
nVidia Quadro FX880M (N10P, GLM) video card
1GB Video Card
Conexant Azalia Audio Codec Sound Card
2 (Internal Speakers) speakers
Built-in microphone Yes
3xUSB 2.0 USB
Yes RJ-11
Yes RJ-45
Yes FireWire
Yes Line In / Out
Operating system
WIN 7 Pro 64BIT Operating System
Technical Data
2.6kg weight
6 cell Li-ION Battery
6.6 forum in battery duration
Special additions
Yes fingerprint reader
Warranty and Service
Three years warranty

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  • Model: W510 NTK24IV
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  • Manufactured by: Lenovo

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